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Automation Solutions For Insurance

Insurance agencies operate with hundreds of manual processes that waste time and take attention from more important tasks. Common processes that can be automated with Robotic Process Automation include claims processing, manual data input, invoice management, underwriting, and adding email/web info to core systems.

IT Consultants For The Insurance Industry

TanishSoft delivers local and remote resources 50% faster than industry average. Augmenting your IT staff with talented IT consultants will ramp up your IT services and advanced technology projects without hindering your existing team. At TanishSoft, it’s more than finding resumes and filling seats. To us, IT staffing means going beyond basic technical expertise requirements to find the perfect fit for your company.

Intelligent Insurance Risk Analysis

Analyzing risk is the core of the insurance industry and with innovative technology, analyzing risk can take a fraction of the time. The TanishSoft Digital team use proven AI/ML algorithms to evaluate risk data and provide actionable insights. The results are placed in simple dashboards to make data-driven decisions that much easier.