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E-commerce & Retail

Online commerce transactions continue to expand in both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer sales. For retail marketers worldwide the growth is exponential. In the U.S. alone, the Department of Commerce estimates consumers spent $513.61 billion online in 2018, up 14.2% from 2017. E-commerce companies in Europe and throughout Asia are experiencing similar growth.

With consumers now having the ability to work globally online, marketers must provide a highly interactive, up-to-date web based buying experience. To ensure a successful transaction requires the latest in software applications, specialized data management tools and highly reliable communication networks. In short, e-commerce companies must embrace frequent technological changes to support winning strategies that will translate into market share and revenue.

The Tanish Soft Consulting team works with e-commerce organizations and other companies where “the web” is essential to their business. We supply industry experienced technology consultants to support creative web platform development, supply chain systems implementation, data integration solutions and powerful analytics among other critical systems.